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Coolpoint has established its 3E Ideology to promote our philosophy to the ever changing demand on saving our planet, and creating a range of products that are fit for modern day requirements and beyond.

Our ideology centres on the 3 most important issues relevant to the conservation of the planet from within the Refrigeration Industry.


Maintaining a safe environment for our future is a major concern for us all, therefore we at Coolpoint make every effort to ensure that all our commercial activities have the minimum impact on climatic change as possible. A bold statement for a company that manufactures  majority of its catalogue from the Far East, however manufacturing and transportation of finished cabinets is 2 pieces of the jigsaw, consideration to manufacturing techniques, proximity to raw materials and component manufacturers go a long way when calculating a final carbon footprint. Coolpoint has a major input in these processes.


The power required for the manufacture, transport, storage  , distribution and administration all add up to form  majority of the energy used by refrigerating equipment. This manufacturing and logistic energy demand coupled with the energy the products use throughout their working life has a major impact on the planets natural resources.  Therefore we have clearly defined strategies and are committed to reducing the energy we use as a company and that which is used by our products by smart working procedures and design.


To maximise on energy and environmental savings, we concentrate on the effectiveness of how we conduct our business as it is just as important as that of our product efficiency. Every aspect of our business is scrutinized to ensure that the processes we employ are not wasteful in time, labour or energy. As a business, it is important that we conduct ourselves with the upmost professionalism and strive to give our customers the respect and attention to detail they deserve.  This quite simply materialises itself as being responsible and proactive with logistics maximising loads to be delivered ensuring one visit/ trip to deliver and single visit service repairs.

Refrigeration systems are designed for the application and not oversized so that ‘one system suits all’, cost saving does not necessary equal efficiency

How we are putting our 3E ideology into practice

Product design

Initially we have developed our products to incorporate the latest technologies in environment friendly refrigerants, energy saving performance and efficiency in application

The “ECO FRIENDLY” range of cabinets has as standard

R600 refrigerant -a natural Hydro carbon gas with a 0 ODP and a GWP rating of 3

LED lighting – More environmentally friendly to manufacture than fluorescent tubes with the added benefit of having a low heat output and a light wave length that is not detrimental to beer

Low E glazing – our double glazed units are coated to reflect heat giving equivalent insulation values of triple glazing

Product manufacturing

Our manufacturing processes adopt the latest technologies with helium leak detection ensure our products are reliable.

Product operation testing is controlled by constant monitoring ensuring defects are removed sooner reducing energy waste

All used packaging materials are segregated and recycled or reused where appropriate for spares


From receipt to delivery we ensure loads are maximised. Our customer delivery service ensures the recipient is aware of delivery dates and times prior to vehicle loading eliminating wasted journeys. Vehicles are loaded so that they are assigned to specific areas limiting journey distances


Access to bulk storage areas are strictly limited to day light hours as these areas have been organised to rely on natural light. Access doors are manually operated so energy usage is at the bare minimum.


Refurbishment project to restructure the building insulation, heating and lighting is  under constant review . 

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